Popov and son Ltd
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Who we are ?
Popov and Son LTD is established 1989 in town of Plovdiv. Main range of our work is : manufacturing of railings made by: inox-chrome, stainless steel, wrought iron, wood, glass, aluminium ;Stairways : Spiral Stairways, Straight Stairways, Combined Stairways. Covering concrete stairs with wooden panels. Design and manufacturing of different constructions: pergolas, awings, alcoves, pavilions and light weight load-bearing constructions, interior and exterior unique product and etc.
In our showroom you can find part of our products designed and manufactured in the years. We make personal design considered to the clients style and vision. We keep the balance between optimal price and high quality. To each client we act with personal behaviour during the process of designing and manufacturing of the dreamed product. The price is based on chosen product considered to the situation of clients place. For each place is making own design project of the product. Usually we’re making parameter measurements on site – length in linear meters, high of ceilings and etc.
Popov and son LTD design, manufacture and assembly railing, different types of stairways, covering of stairs with wood / glass. We manufacture unique constructions and interior/exterior designs of furniture made by wood, brass, inox, chrome, stainless steel, glass and wrought iron.
The company have own enterprise and professional employees. We make projects for each client and discus it in our showroom in town of Plovdiv. Popov and Son LTD work in whole Bulgaria and foreign countries . We have successful projects in France, Austria, North Macedonia, Greece and etc. We guarantee fine manufacture and quality of our products. Our products have long term guarantee.